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In December, we celebrate the season with a series of short Holiday Shows. Students learn dances during their fall classes and are excited to perform for their families at the Everett PUD Auditorium.

Audiences can enjoy a collection of holiday classics such as “Santa’s Reindeer”, “Frosty the Snowman”, and “Winter Wonderland” with new additions each year. Costumes and props are borrowed from the studio and the atmosphere is festive and fun. Performance opportunities throughout the year encourage dancers to develop self-confidence and to share their skills and talents. Each performance includes a variety of styles and age groups so the audience can experience the delightful diversity of dance. A great way to put everyone in the holiday spirit!

2023 Performance: Sunday, December 10, 4 performance times
Where: PUD Auditorium, 2320 California Ave., Everett
Tickets: Tickets for all Holiday Shows are on sale now at the studio front desk. Every family can buy up to 4 tickets for each show in which their dancer(s) perform, through November 18th. On November 20th, any tickets that have not been purchased will be available for anyone to buy on a first come first served basis. Tickets will NOT be available to buy at the show. Ticket sales are in person only at the dance studio; $5 cash, $6 card. This Auditorium has a 300 person capacity.  Every person taking a seat will need a ticket.

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