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Here is a short video describing dance attire:

Preschool and Dance Arts

Girls should wear a plain black leotard (no skirt or tutu) and ballet pink tights.

Dance class attire Lynnwood

The leotard can be short or long sleeved or tank style.  If dancers have tights or a leotard of another color, they may wear that until they need new things.

They will need black tap shoes and pink ballet slippers for each class.  Tap shoes should have black elastic ties replacing the ribbons so dancers can put their tap shoes on by themselves.  We will provide those for you at the first class.

Ballet slippers should have the front drawstrings tied in a bow and taped inside the shoe.  Dancers also need to be able to put on their ballet slippers by themselves, so practicing at home is great.  Please put the dancer’s name in all shoes.

Boys should wear a t-shirt, shorts or athletic pants, black tap shoes, and black ballet slippers.  Please don’t send anything extra with dancers (no food, drink, etc.)

Ballet I/Jazz I

Plain leotard, ballet pink tights, and pink ballet slippers.

Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical

Plain leotard and tights, pink split-soled ballet slippers for ballet, jazz shoes or ballet slippers for jazz. Jazz students may also wear form fitting shorts. Lyrical dancers wear ballet slippers, FootUndeez, or half soles. Hair must be secured off the face and neck for ballet, jazz, and lyrical.


Plain leotard and tights or a bike unitard. Acrobatics students can wear ballet slippers, socks, or they can bring several types of footwear to see what will prevent slipping. Hair must be secured off the face and neck.


Tights and leotard or comfortable clothing which shows ankles and feet and black oxford tie-up style tap shoes.

Hip Hop

Dancers should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes like athletic pants and a t-shirt. No jeans, please. If dancers are coming from another dance class, they should continue to wear the same dance clothes; just change shoes. Hip Hop students must have a dedicated pair of athletic (tennis) shoes that are cleaned and not worn outside.

Male Dancers

Ballet students should wear a t-shirt with black tights or bike shorts, and black ballet slippers. Jazz and lyrical dancers can wear a t-shirt, black tights, shorts, or jazz pants with black jazz shoes.

Dance class attire Lynnwood

Adult Classes

Ballet students should wear tights, a plain leotard, and split soled ballet slippers (may also wear a dance skirt). Jazz student should wear tights, leotard (may also wear form fitting shorts), and jazz shoes. Tap students should wear comfortable clothing which shows ankles and feet and black oxford tie-up style tap shoes. If you are taking multiple classes, wear the same dance clothes throughout; only change shoes.

Additional information:

  • If taking multiple classes, dancers should not change clothes between classes, only shoes.
  • Dancers must come already dressed in dance clothes with appropriate clothing over top. Please make sure these clothes are easy to take off and put on as dancers must dress themselves quickly prior to dismissal.  The same applies to footwear. 
  • Dance shoes should never be worn outdoors or to and from the studio.  
  • Dance shoes can be carried in a small bag or by hand.  
  • When the dancers come into the studio, they will put ALL their belongings (including sweaters, etc. and outdoor shoes) in a small bin which will be taken into the dance room with them.