How To Choose A Dance School

As your child’s body grows and develops, it’s important to have proper dance training. A strong technical foundation will provide the skills to enjoy dance for a lifetime, while poor training can cause lasting damage. Dance classes should be appropriate to the student’s physical development and learning ability. The atmosphere should promote a child’s self-esteem, creativity, and happiness.

Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Are there a variety of levels of training offered? Are classes offered by age and proficiency?
  2. Is the faculty knowledgeable and experienced in teaching certain genres and age groups?
  3. Is everyone encouraged to participate in performances? What are the performance opportunities?
  4. Does the school focus on its competition program or are recreational and beginning students given as much priority as the advanced dancers?
  5. Do students spend time on learning HOW to dance, not just on learning a dance?
  6. Are there classes in a variety of dance styles available for students with individual interests?
  7. Does the facility have spacious classrooms with mirrors, barres, resilient flooring and other amenities for students and parents?

Of course, at Alderwood Dance Spectrum, we answer “yes” to all those questions. 

  • It all begins with a strong foundation. We focus on giving every student an excellent technical background to build upon as they learn and develop.
  • We offer a wide array of classes, with varied scheduling options to suit your family’s needs.
  • Our choreography, music, and costumes are age appropriate.
  • We communicate with parents through email, newsletters, social media pages, and friendly, informed desk staff.
  • We offer multiple performances opportunities throughout the year.  All our shows are short, well-organized, and highly entertaining.
  • Dancers love moving in our large, open studio spaces with mirrored walls, natural lighting, and sprung floors. We also have comfortable waiting areas, dressing rooms, and a convenient location.

Visit About Us and Frequently Asked Questions for more information on our studio.

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