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How do I know which class my child should be in?

Students are placed according to age, skill level, and prior experience. Typical progression of dance classes:

  • Preschool I – age 2.5 and 3 (potty-trained)
  • Preschool II – age 4 (by September 1st)
  • Preschool 5 – kindergarten
  • Dance Arts I – 1st and 2nd grade
  • Dance Arts II – prior dance experience or older beginner
  • Hip Hop I, Acrobatics I – prior dance experience or age 8 and older
  • Ballet I, Jazz I, Tap I, – 3rd grade and above

One hour class per subject: Ballet I/II, Jazz I/II, Tap I/II, Hip Hop I/II, Acrobatics:  age 8-9 and above, depending on previous experience.

Levels beyond that are by teacher assessment and placement. You can always confer with the teacher or call the studio if you’re unsure about which class would be best for your student.

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How long are sessions and can we enroll at any time?

Our dance season follows the academic year, September to mid-June. Because our classes are a sequential curriculum and build from week to week, we only enroll students in September, in January, or for our 6-week Summer Session. In the fall, students begin learning choreography for the December Holiday Shows and in January, costumes are ordered for our June Recital.

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Will I be able to watch my child?

Visiting week (parent observation of classes) is the first week of every other month beginning in October. Having the blinds drawn the rest of the time provides a better learning environment for the students and helps them focus on the teacher. You may stay in the adjacent waiting areas, or you are free to leave and get coffee or do errands. One mom told us that she had her Christmas shopping done in November just by utilizing the hour of her child’s class time.

During the restrictions of Covid-19, observation of classes will take place via live stream on Zoom.  You will be notified of the schedule and the video link.

Can we try a class before we register?

Yes, we offer trial classes for $20 each. If you decide to enroll, we will apply that to your fees.

I have an older child/I am an adult who's never danced before, but always wanted to. Do you have a class for me?

Yes! It’s never too late to begin dancing. The ages of our students range from 2.5 to dancers in their 80s. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options.

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I took dance growing up, but I haven't danced in years. What do you have for adults like me?

We have a great adult program.  Why should kids have all the fun?  You can exercise your mind and your body, have fun, and meet some terrific people. There are several different levels of each class and performance opportunities if you like.  We can recommend a starting place and work with you to find just the right fit.

What are your recitals like? I've heard the horror stories of 5 hour recitals or siblings not dancing in the same show.

In June, we have a 2-hour long recital at the Everett Civic Auditorium. It’s a well-organized, professional performance with backdrops, sets, and lighting. Audiences find our recitals highly entertaining and give us rave reviews. We always have a theme for the 1st Act and we perform a complete story ballet for the 2nd Act. Students in Ballet I/II and above levels have the opportunity to learn choreography, pantomime, acting, and what it means to be part of a theatrical production.

We also have a short Holiday Show in December. Students borrow costumes from the studio and perform at the Everett PUD Auditorium for their families.

Students six years and older can audition for our annual “A Storybook Nutcracker” which is performed in December. We do performances for the public as well as for groups of school children on field trips.

Several times a year, we are invited to perform for community events. This gives our dancers a chance to utilize their previous year’s recital costume and dance. It also gives them the chance to share their talents and love of dance.

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My 4-year-old wants to take ballet, is there a class for her/him?

In typical hour-long ballet class, students spend half the time standing at the barre while they concentrate on holding their posture and alignment and executing a series of intricate exercises. Is this what a preschooler envisions? More likely, she wants to twirl and leap while wearing a fluffy tutu. We have designed our introductory classes to include the basics in several dance forms (to keep the class moving and engage the younger attention span) while teaching fundamentals and making the dance experience fun. As children progress, we introduce more intricate concepts of technique and skill, while maintaining the joyful element.

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What does my child need/wear for the first day of class?

In Preschool through Dance Arts, students do all 4 subjects each week. That means they need tap shoes (black) and ballet slippers (pink for girls, black for boys) and girls wear a plain black leotard (no skirt or tutu attached) and pink tights.  Boys wear a t-shirt with athletic pants or shorts.  Dancers should have a small bag to carry their shoes into class.  Please put names in all shoes.

Most other classes require tights, leotard, and appropriate footwear. Hip Hop students should wear loose, comfortable clothing like athletic wear and a dedicated pair of tennis shoes. 

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Can boys join your programs?

YES, absolutely!

How do I cancel enrollment?

Alderwood Dance Spectrum requires 30 days advanced notice (a Withdrawal Form completed and returned to us) to cancel enrollment and discontinue automatic payments.

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