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Preschool Dance Lessons

Younger and beginning level dancers take a one-hour class once a week that focuses on blending age-appropriate technique and structure with the joy and exuberance of moving to music. Each of the four subjects provides benefits to young students in making them well rounded dancers and giving them a great foundation of skills as they start their dance journey.

Each class includes:

Tap Dance Classes Lynnwood

Develops coordination, balance, and musicality as dancers produce rhythmic sounds with their feet.


Introduction to technique promotes grace, creativity, body and spacial awareness; ballet is basic to all other dance forms

Baton Classes Lynnwood

Improves fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and rhythmic movement as students learn to twirl, toss, and march.

Tumbling Classes Lynnwood

Increases strength, flexibility, balance, and large motor skills as students progress from monkey jumps to cartwheels.

Baton Classes Lynnwood
Tap Dance Classes Lynnwood
Tap Dance Classes Lynnwood