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What Our Families Say

From beginners to aspiring professionals, we’ve helped thousands of students to
express themselves through dance.

I am so excited that my 2 and a half year old daughter is beginning to develop a love for dance. My daughter couldn’t be more excited about dance class, her friends and her amazing teacher.

Taryn L.

I danced here as a child and it’s great to now have my own daughter enrolled! Excellent leadership and patience with the little dancers! Love the “closed curtain” concept. Allow your dancer to give their full attention to the teacher! Highly recommend!

Erin B.

This studio has served the area for 40 years. Miss Sue is the gentle demander – and watching students grow from year to year as they gain skill is such a pleasure! The studio hosts two recitals each year – a holiday show which always kicks off my holiday season with smiles and familiar tunes. Then, each June there is the “big recital” on the “big stage” at Everett Civic Auditorium. This show is actually a pretty major, themed production. There is nowhere else in town you will get a terrific live performance for only $10! My own children have been students at the studio since 1998. We are loyal supporters of the local arts – and our children’s arts education.

Casey B.

When my daughter and I walked in the studio almost 6 years ago we had a warm welcome from everyone here. The instructors have taught my daughter to be a confident dancer and other skills such as patience and teamwork that she has used in her everyday life. Excellent studio with an amazing end of the year recital.

Christina B.

What a fantastic company! We are in! We started in January and are just finishing the summer session. I could not be happier. The end of year recital and ballet was such a delight! I am so happy to be able to enjoy a ballet with my family at an affordable price. We will be at the Holiday Show this coming season and all the rest too, I’m sure! I am sorry I didn’t know about Alderwood Dance Spectrum 9 years ago! We are looking forward to many years of fun with them!

Ellie J.

This is the studio my wife went to for years and loved as a kid. When we had a daughter, we knew this would be the place we would take her, and we have not been disappointed.

Adam N.